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One in three of us will receive a cancer diagnosis, and this can affect not only the individual given the diagnosis but also their circle of family and friends. A diagnosis of cancer, receiving treatment and life after cancer can be a highly emotional time.

The emotional impact of a cancer diagnosis can be seen not only when the diagnosis is given, but also throughout treatment and once treatment has finished. Many people suffer side effects once treatment has finished such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, body issues, feelings of isolation, anger, stress and frequently fear of the cancer returning.

- Have you been affected by a cancer diagnosis?

- Have you been affected by cancer treatment?

- Are you struggling with life after cancer treatment?

- Are you a family member or friend finding it difficult to deal with a diagnosis, treatment or loss of someone affected by the disease?

If you have been affected by cancer, and would like to talk to someone about the emotional and physical difficulties you are experiencing as a result of a cancer diagnosis, contact Sarah today to discuss how therapy can help you.

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