Relaxation therapy

Todays busy lifestyle, means that we struggle to find the time to allow our bodies to relax, unwind, and de-stress. Relaxation therapy is designed to engage your mind and body in releasing tension, relaxing the muscles and freeing yourself of anxiety or stress provoking thoughts which can greatly affect our health and wellbeing.

The benefits of relaxation therapy have been researched and show the positive effects of:

- Psychological benefits of reduced anxiety and tension

- Strengthening of the immune system

- Lowered heart rate

- Lowered blood pressure

- Lowered costisol levels

- Better sleeping pattens

Relaxation therapy can be beneficial for a wide range of people:

- Those who are suffering from mental health problems such as               anxiety, and depression,

- Busy stressed out parents

- Those with stressful jobs

- Students

Relaxation classes offer  you the opportunity to have  time out from every day stresses, and to switch off to help your body revive itself.  You will work through a series of relaxation techniques such as breathing, visualisation and body scanning. Each of these techniques is designed to support your body and mind in reducing stress and tension, and bringing your body into a physical state of deep rest.

Dr Sarah Wilson
Chartered Counselling Psychologist
BSc, PGDip, CPsychol

Practices in: St Albans and Borehamwood

Telephone:  07717288450