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Does Eating Rule Your Life?

- Compulsive Eating

- Binge-Eating

- Over-Eating,

- Anorexia

- Bulimia.

Many individuals with eating issues use either eating or not eating, as a method of avoiding deeper issues creating general discomfort and unhappiness in their life.  An individual who presents with eating issues frequently displays low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and has issues over their weight, size and body image.

Question yourself; is this the case for you? Do you eat or not eat to comfort those painful emotions which are hard to deal with?

If so, can you think back to when those emotions that you are avoiding arose? Was it childhood, or your teenage years? Was it when you suffered an unhappy experience in your later life, such as a relationship break up, or the loss of somebody? Is it your lifestyle? These are just a few of many factors which can be associated to an individual’s unhealthy relationship with food.

Psychological therapy can offer an alternative approach to eating issues, it can help you develop an understanding of your eating behaviour, and it will support you in dealing with psychological and emotional issues, and will offer new methods on how you can be in control of your eating.

One to one therapy is available to support in you addressing your weight issues. Please contact me for further information on these services.

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